Install SharePoint 2013 on Windows 7/8/8.1

Aug 06
Install SharePoint 2013 on Windows 7/8/8.1

UPDATE: This installer will only work on Win8+ don't try it on Win7.

For a version that works on Window​s 10​ follow this post.

If you want it "close to the metal" without installing a server OS now you can, you decide for yourself if it is a good idea ;-)
It is COMPLETELY unsupported by MS and should only be used for a local development/demo machine.

​First you should download SharePoint foundation 2013 with SP1​ or SharePoint Server 2013 with SP1.
If you need to apply a language pack you get them from here.

This setup requires you to be joined to a domain. If you want to use local accounts it can be done but it won't be described here.
It would be great though if you help others by posting on how to do this here.

0) First make sure you have installed IIS on your machine. It isn't installed by default.

I'm installing pretty much everything except "good old" ASP.

Then make sure you have HTTP Activation AND TCP Activation installed (.NET Framework 4.5 Advanced Services/WCF Services).



If you are on Windows 8(1), make sure you have WIF installed. The standalone installer won't run on Win8 you install WIF

from "Turn Windows features on or off".

Make sure that the Net. Tcp Listener Adapter service and Net. Tcp Port Sharing Service are both configured to start automatically.



1) Download the installer zip file from here.

2) Unzip the installer to your desktop.


3) Launch setup.exe.


This will install the "launcher" into your​ directory of choice.


4) Browse to the location where you just installed the software and start Launcher.exe


5) When you start Launcher it will open a "OpenFile" dialog where you will pick the app to start. We first pick prerequisiteinstaller.exe to get all the prerequisites installed.

(Try pick another locked down installer)


6) Run through the prereq wizard and if you get a problem installing some of the components try to reboot. There's also a step when the

wizard will reboot the machine. Remember that when the machine has rebooted the wizard will automatically be launched by windows and

you will see an error message saying "this OS is not supported". Don't worry just close the wizard and relaunching using Launcher.exe as described above.


Once​ the wizard is complete you go to the next step and install SharePoint.


7) Restart Launcher.exe and pick setup.exe



8) Follow the setup wizard :-)



9) Click close to run the configuration wizard.



10) The next screen warns us that we are installing on Vista or Windows 7, don't worry the same applies to Windows 8/8.1 UNSUPPORTED in every way ;-)


11) Create a new Farm, wait and take a snack :-)




12) We are finally done running a "private cloud" ;-)



Please leave comments here that can help others through the installation.